The U.S. Embassy in Tel Aviv. A welcome sight for sure.

A street vendor's flowers

Friends pondering the values the market has to offer.

A street at the Jaffa market in Tel Aviv.

Used jeans available here!

So many shops, so little time

Another street scene

All manner of wares to be had - and all of them at a negotiated price.

Some of the best hummous, foul, and bread I've experienced while escaping from the shops of the jaffa market

Tomatoes are a staple here - I didn't see any lettuce during my trip.

A street corner at the market

What a variety of wares are available!

A friendly Polish American couple

The beach at Tel Aviv looking North

The beach at Tel Aviv looking South


Bathers in the Mediteranean Sea


Tel Aviv from the beach

Another shot of the water

There's not a lot of space between the beach and the city of Tel Aviv.

Some swimmers

We're having some fun now..

Sand Castles - fun for young and old

The beach wasn't too crowded - but it was an October weekday

A friend enjoys the sun and sea

Another shot of Tel Aviv

A moon shot on the beach

Hercules and his wenches

Oh come on - another shot of Tel Aviv?

We're getting rowdy now..

The sand gets a close inspection

Life is good

We're watching you

Is that another picture of the embassy?

A creative dabble - the sun and the sun-man

We're all caught up on the spirit

An Israeli sand munchkin

A comfortable sand for sure

I was fortunate to be there on Nuclear testing day...