I took the tube to Picadilly Circus from the airport. A good choice it seems - the place has character

The English are so friendly. I met this girl at the airport and she insisted on buying me breakfast and giving guidence on how I might spend the day

Entrance to the underground where I arrived on scene

There goes one of them double decker busses

The Buckinham Palace panorama

Of course every hot tourist spot has a ticket office - and a line

A crest on the palace gate

One of them famous palace guards

These were the real guards

Nice park area near the palace

There foul in the wild there

A comfortable scene

Another of the wildlife variety

There were a number of neat things to see bordering the park

I think that's Westminster abby from afar - closer pictures to come

The building that houses ..

Big Ben!

Notice the darkening sky -

Bridge over the river "Thames" I think

A shot downriver

Look what's happening in the sky

Time to head for cover I think (other end of the Big Ben building..)

An interesting glimpse of the Abbey

One end of Westminster Abbey

In case you missed it earlier - Big Ben

The schedule at the Abbey

Cool architecture for sure

The top of the front

A mid-level building feature

An entranceway

Decoration abounds

Back in the park (Hyde park I think)

Looking at the palace from another view

Some cool flowers

The Arch of Archimedes - or Not

Picadilly Circle - which means - Pigeon Time!

It just drizzled a little - no major downpour

Swimming in birds

It was fun - but a bit frightening at first the way the Pigeons lunged at the seed purchased for their enjoyment

A cool lion

Another building which I was sure held some significance

The "Original" Hard Rock Cafe

A really cool Ford 427 AC Cobra - Not!

But it was cool nonetheless

What is that place?

The "Tube" was full of advertising..

.. but a clean and safe way to travel

There goes one of them subways now!