The wall of the "Youth Hostel" where we stayed

There were a bunch of inexpensive, non-fancy accomodation options

A rest after a long travel day

Everyone has something of wisdom to leave at the Hostel

A moment of romance

Walking down the dark passageways when Jerusalem is mostly closed

We opted for an "expensive" private room (about $30 US) - no Windows!

In case you missed something


Some goodies in the Jerusalem market

The kitties seem to do ok here too

An outdoor Jerusalm scene

One of many architectural pictures

Walls and olive trees

Into the cistern with you

Stairway to the cistern

An interesting wall hanging

Cool looking little building

Some art in a church

Construction is commonplace in Old Jerusalem

Looking into an area celebrated as the tomb of Christ

Some neat hanging things at the Cistine chapel

A quick rest

Some decoration over the "tomb" area

Going in..

A sweet poses by the celebrated resting place

A family shot

Neat tower eh?

Try out the zoom view

Meat hanging - at least you can judge its viability directly

Some creatures left there brains behind

Chickens placed neatly in an un-airconditioned row

Outside, but inside the main walls of course

Tunnel vision

An internal road

Another view

Parking is allowed but scarce

Nice weather for the end of October

Young adventurer

Near the Armenian gate, the Mt. of Olives from afar

The Armenian gate

Bullet holes in the main exterior wall from a previous conflict

Armenian gate scenic shot

Outside the gate toward the Mt. of Olives

Time for a quick change

A wall to climb

I think its designed to be difficult to perch upon

The room of the "Last Supper"

A nice "secret" garden

From inside the garden looking over a wall

Break time

Me posing

I think this is near King David's tomb

Cool walls

The church of Mary Magdalen

Inside the chamber of the last supper

Another shot of me

The gang

The last warning

A long shot

Walking down the hill from Old Jerusalem City

Looking up at the Mt.

A decent walkway - but it was hot

A view over modern day Jerusalem

A nice exterior wall view

More exterior

More of the Old City from the outside

Looking up from the valley between the Old City and the Mt. of Olives

Absalom's tomb

And to the left is another tomb

Absalom's place from closer

Another church in Jerusalem

From inside Absalom's tomb

Me in a tomb doorway

Looking toward the Old City

A nearby church

The Church of All Nations - Near the Garden of Gethsemene

Toward the Garden ( It was closed when we were there )

Another of the Old City from afar

Looking back on the climb back to Old Jerusalem

Some modern buildings nearby

More construction

The wailing wall

An interesting doorway

A Jerusalem haggled chess set

The master chess duo

A map of the old City

An "Old" column

Remnants of an ancient construction

Another street shot

A gate view

More of non-Old City Jerusalem

and more ..


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