New Home @ 22639 Bluebird

Walls4.jpg (81829 bytes)Decking1.jpg (117366 bytes)
    Walls poured                              First floor decking complete

hf1.jpg (61673 bytes)flr2f.jpg (102864 bytes)
Starting the first floor               Moving up to the second floor

Raft1.jpg (66243 bytes)Shingle5.jpg (77944 bytes)
Getting ready to put the roof on          Scott starting to shingle the roof

fronth.jpg (76829 bytes)Backh.jpg (121266 bytes)
Starting to take form                               About ready to be sided

Dryhang1.jpg (73379 bytes)Siding1.jpg (89172 bytes)
Beginning to Drywall                          Getting started siding

Siding10.jpg (160850 bytes)FrontSnow.jpg (52611 bytes)
Siding almost done                          Snow welcomes the completion

KitchFam.jpg (85943 bytes)Mastbed.jpg (54924 bytes)
A couple of inside shots

house.jpg (110879 bytes)
Time to relax...?