Daniel P. Sundman

Wife: Jean G. Sundman

  • Employer: Josiah Paul and Noelle Elizabeth

  • Position: Mother/Caregiver/Teacher            




            At Epcot May 2008                                     At Disney's Magic Kingdom May 2008


    With the Schlegels in Izmir, Turkey    Bandalier National Monument, NM


            Dan and Jean at Ephesus          With the Weisers in New Mexico


     Dan and Jean in Cappodocia        The Sundman's in New Mexico

    IPICT5077_sons_silver_dollar.JPG (443149 bytes)                     PICT5131_atv.JPG (390285 bytes)

    Josiah and Noelle with                           Josiah and Noelle ridin' Hard

       the sons of the silver dollar                                                                         

     at Silver Dollar City                                                                          


    PA072577_branson_bell_family.JPG (746607 bytes)               PICT5089_group_silver_dol_city.JPG (721275 bytes)

                On the Branson Belle                    SDC with Grandparents and Uncle Joe

            Josiah_cast.jpg (318979 bytes)             Josiah_cast_papa_grandma_noelle.jpg (632513 bytes)       

    Josiah get a cast on his foot Sept 24, 2004     Grandma and Papa Sundman Visit


    Noelle_torch.jpg (564602 bytes)                     Josiah_cast_short.JPG (1045640 bytes)

    Noelle holds the Olympic Torch!         Josiah's cast stops just below the knee


    Noelle_mom_watch_turtle.jpg (477227 bytes)                       Noelle_good_soda.jpg (380444 bytes)

    Noelle and Mom watch the turtles at the city museum       uuuuuummmmmm  good!

    Noelle_treasure_4567.jpg (1256350 bytes)                          Josiah_firetruck_4386.jpg (930763 bytes)

    Noelle works on a treasure chest                     Josiah drives a fire truck 

      Noelle_bike_4689.jpg (837854 bytes)                         Josiah_wave_4350.jpg (363666 bytes)

    Noelle rides a bike - 2 yrs old     Josiah at City Museum - 4 yrs old

    Son: Josiah Paul Sundman

    Born 6:04am 21-December-1999
    6 lbs.  6oz. - 20 1/4 inches tall

    Paul E Garber Air & Space Museum Restoration Facility tour Pictures

                RC Tiny 1st flight.jpg (254293 bytes)              Dan_Eco8_heli.jpg (680326 bytes)      

    After 1st flight of "TINY" RC Plane     Dan and his Eco 8 Helicopter


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